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NGC 1514 and NGC 1647

Phil Fargaze

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10.12.09 22:00

Finally got out to do a bit of observing. Transparency was poor and the dew was settling fast!

NGC 1514 Planetary, Taurus. This is quite large and diffuse for a planetary and was only visible with the OIII filter. The central star was easily seen and surrounding it was a circular patch of haze. Meade 8.8 UWA at 136x

NGC 1647 Open cluster, Taurus. It was a nice fit in the 20mm Nagler at 59x. Quite loose, with about 40 stars.

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Glad to see 1514 brought up. I spent almost a year trying to see it through my 10"Newt. I just never could find a sky stable or dark enough.

Then one night in spring in 2004 or 05, I was in Florida under a not that dark a sky. The air was deathly still and a cold front had moved through a few days before. Conditions were just perfect. It popped out with no problems. The problem is the central star is brighter than most and was messing with my eyes.

If I remember correctly, I also saw the E and F stars in the trapezium that evening.

Thanks for the posting. I may have to take a stab at it again soon.

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