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i found it...


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Just a newbie so go easy please!

8" Newt F1000 2xBarlow ...various eyepieces

could see 3 stars 'in a row' believe it's called the Trapezium?

4 stars in a circle in the middle of the 'cloud' effect

put a UHC filter on (i think) which seemed to bring out a lot more definition and colouring to the 'cloud'

best view i got was using a wide angled 25mm eyepiece with the 2xBarlow and the filter - beautiful, i did up the mag quite considerably, but lost the overall 'effect'

Apologies for my lack of terminology



ps do you get used to the upside downness???

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The 4 stars are the Trapezium, there is actually alot more then that but they are bery hard to see. They lie amoung a nebula called the M42 which is that large cloud you described. The three stars in a row sounds like Orions belt and the M42 lies within Orions sword which hangs from the belt.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and there's loads more for you to view.

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:)Thanks for putting me straight Doc:), of course, yes now I see!

It's this upside down thing that was throwing me - the 3 stars were definitely the 'sword' dangling 'down' from the belt - which is actually 'up' in the E.P.

Thanks again...:(I'll get there!

Loved it anyways...


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