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Mars 10th dec

neil phillips

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Bit windy for anything stable this morning, the capture blowing around on screen, I also noticed the primary needs tightening, as its slipping during the captures, it would start out fairly sharp, but during the course of the capture would slowly get blurry. Not sure if a crayford would cure this, or if im going to have to get BCF to service it, im hoping once the primary has been left to settle for say 15 mins and i take over with a crayford, it wont continue to drift. But im unsure about this. any feed back welcome. Taken with a 3x televue and a 2 inch tube. Not sure what power that is giving me, but probably close to f40. 7 or 8000 mm FL at a guess. 150% resize


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WOW fills my screen!

Woke up this am cursing I hadn't got out when I saw how clear the skies were so I'm really pleased to see someone else had.

Well given your probs Neil you still ought to be rather pleased with this it's really very nice and gives me a real "feel" for the planet !

Karlo, (who'll be in bed early to wake up t'row :) )

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Hi Ramis, I think it just takes a little experiance and knowledge, mostly understanding camera settings, getting good focus, and a decent magnification.Of course seeing conditions play a huge part. but im talking about human involvement. Then of course we have processing, not really happy with this processing, but the image is flawed, the edge of Mars has been a real struggle to me. a combination of cooldown and collimation probably. so i processed the image to try to deal with the flaws, these are things we have to work on, ( collimation cooldown) and when we get them right, a nice planetary image is the reward. Learn the trade first Ramis, then it will happen. Im still learning myself

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Thanks for the comments.

Ramis well of course there will be blue in any RGB of any planet. But i think the question should be is the blue the right balance, as in possibly to much or too heavy, in this case yes probably.

But it can be adjusted somewhat, if the image was something i was very pleased with, i would spend much more time on this, but its early days, im hoping in a few weeks to make these shots look like im trying to find my feet, ( which at present with both the 12" and 8 " scopes ) i am. Mostly collimation, and a few other things. but hope to get it sorted soon. If i succed much tighter shots will be coming i hope.

Alan Yes it was just a half hearted attempt to see if there would be any interest, on the biggest for sale forum, so far there hasnt been, but unlike other times, i wont be dropping the price. I probably will try to perfect its use, one major reason Alan, i can not afford a C14.

But i still belive it might out perform my old 10", ( jupiter shots attached to AD ) its harder for sure, and not as consistent. But as i presently dont have funds for major changes, if there continues to be no takers. we will see what i can do with it on mars i hope. Im hoping a 9000 mm shot at oppossition is not out of the question. it wont be easy thats for sure. well see. But i really would prefer something hi res BUT MORE MOVABLE.

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