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I managed to fing my latest bête noir, NGC891 an edge on spiral galaxy in andromeda on Monday night. Prior to 891, I spent considerable effort hunting for the Veil nebula before I realised the value of filters.

What objects have you finally hunted down - and I presume enjoyed all the more after the chase?


ps I won't include generic clear skies despite this prolonged period of poor weather.

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During last new Moon I managed Horsehead for the first time (with 12" + UHC filter) after many failed attempts with 8". Will be trying again when Moon and weather permit.

NGC891 and Veil are a lot prettier.

Thing with Neptune is to observe over several nights - if it moves then you've got it.

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Wow that's impressive! I have the brightest Arps on my to-do list for the 12-inch in the coming year but Holmberg II isn't included in An Arp Sampler or Arp Galaxies in the Revised Shapley-Ames Catalog. But if you've managed it with an 8-inch then that's definitely a challenge I need to take up.

After the Horsehead my top bete noir is now Barnard's Galaxy, which I've tried with every instrument I've owned, and never managed a definite sighting. Latitude is a problem but I'm hoping the 12-inch might do it.

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Thanks, i'd read somewhere that it was the brightest of the Holmbergs and decided to try. Whenever the conditions looked like they might cooperate i gave it my best, and finally nailed it during the third winter of trying. It was extremely faint but i could avertedly see it dancing around when i tapped the OTA.

Best of luck to you with Barnard's, i hope you get it. :)

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