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Hi The question is If I bought a dob Skylinner 300P Could I take it of the Dob Mount and put it on a EQ6 pro mount in the future and would it be any good for imaging it is a F5 scope? As in the future I would like to get into imaging.

My funds would allow me at present to buy the Dob but I could not afford a scope and EQ6pro mount at the same time.

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If you have an observatory you could contemplate this but a 300mm newt is a big beast and I wouldn't fancy trying to get one onto an equatorial mount with cold fingers in the dark of night. It would really be an observatory scope. The long focal length would make it quite a challenge for someone starting out imaging, not impossible but high frustration potential.

An 8" newt is a different matter all together, plenty of aperture, manageble for mounting on a GEM and a great imaging performer. Any money you save now could go on a couple of decent eye pieces

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I would second MatinB coments.

I have learned to my cost that using any Newtonian 250mm upwards on any EQ mount is best confined to observatory use.

It is no way easily portable and having got it on the EQ if you have jolted it slightly you need to recolimate it before even considering imaging.

With Sky clarity in the UK you are lucky to get a sky clear enough and long enough to get a good imaging session are few and far between.

If you realy do want to EQ mount it do it perminently on an OBS.

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I find an 8" a struggle on an EQ mount. I can do it but only just and by the time its saddled up with a decent focuser, large EP, finderscope etc it can become quite a beast very quickly.

I'd love a 12" on an EQ6 but for transporting about it would be impossible. Dont forget a 10-12" scope has a bigger mirror and the weight zooms up quite quick.

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