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Rosette Nebula

Tom OD

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Hello All,

Last week Olly posted his version, and here is my one. This was a redo of a redo, until I was happy with it.

This is 190sof Ha, 90mins L, 330mins of RGB, and also a small 70 O3 thrown in at 20% opacity to the B/G channels just to lighten up the center core nebula.

Larger version at the flickr site.

Flickr Photo Download: Rosette Nebula

Thanks Tom.

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We hae had loooong converstations about this one, T and I, over the net! What I really like in this version is the extraordinary detail in the ionization fronts and Bok globules. Get in close and have a look. They are impressive.


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Thanks All, I didn't know how to really shoot this object. I originally thought Ha/O3 RGB would do the trick, but the L layer really helped bring out the stars and gave it more bite.

Now I see that there is some High Pressure heading towards Ireland and the UK in a few days. Time to start getting excited as long as we can avoid fog.


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