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Deep Sky Setup

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Hi all,

Im looking for some advice on a basic-ish DSO Setup.

I wonder what you feel is a good DSO scope - £400-600 range and a good CCD camera that is self guiding.

I've got a EQ6pro.

Im looking for something like a SBIG ST-2000XCM CCD Camera. Are these easy to setup/use. With it being self guiding am i right in saying that I can do a rough/good polar alignment with my EQ6pro and then self guide from there and it should track ok, or isn't it that

simple ?

Im not looking to do mind blowing images straight away, just something other than my C9.25 while the moon and planets are away.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Surprised no one has jumped in with a suggestion. I'm not an imager but would have thought the usual suspects would apply in that range:

Meade 5000 80mm Triplet

SW Equinox 80mm

GSO 8" F4 Astrograph

Secondhand Megrez 90

Secondhand Orion 100 f7 Apo

Orion Optics 200 f4.5

Like i said though, i'm not an imager. These are just ones i can remember from various threads.

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