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the difference a couple of hours can make

neil phillips

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After trying to capture clavius at high power when it was rising ( posted ) i droped the power some, got very precise focus, and by now the moon had risen some, captured at 18.19 GMT ( not sure what the elevation is at this point ? but still not high by moon standards. Because of registax 5 not working on my pc correctly, i had to do a lot of mucking about to process this colour shot, Noisy yes, but probably one of my sharpest to date meade 8" DFK camera

150% Looking on the shadows on my previous post i may have made a mistake, it might have been the 26th on the other shot. not sure the shadows can change that much in a couple of hours ? I deleted the avis lol, cant check. Think i need more sleep, can the shadows change that fast ?


A touch more sharpening


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Thanks Clayton, im quite happy with this one, considering its a colour camera, and the drift with manual control, i couldnt have asked for more. The shot was so sharp on screen that the resize makes it fairly well, and i do think it helps shows the tiny details better, Ive taken higher mag shots of this lovely crater. but not this crisp. Roll on a high moon under good seeing, even with drift it wont stop me hammering away

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A clear improvement seen. I think shadows can change a little in 2.5 hours, with Virtual Moon Atlas terminator moves 5 miles. Will have to experiment next time Moon is up as I have always wondered how quickly things change - longer shadows will change more quickly and shorter ones slowly.


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