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A Big Hello to everyone, my first post (well 2nd really!)

Mick UK

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Hello everyone, i cant believe how addicted i am becoming to Astrophtography!...i havent even bought a Mount yet!:hello2:

At present ive been using my Panasonic Lumix fz28 camera, hooked up to my newly purchased Sky-Watcher 80ed pro on top of a supermarket bought telescope mount which ive borrowed of a friend (if theres such a thing as a EQ minus 3, i think ive got it!) boy does my scope wobble! id hate to take it out in a breeze!:icon_eek: lol

After reading all the advice on here over the last month, i decided to go totally against it all, and buy my scope first and the mount last!..well, my way of thinking was this, i couldnt yet afford the mount i wanted (sky-watcher eq6 pro synscan) so i might as well have the telescope to play with untill i got the mount, after all, if i did buy the mount, i still could'nt use it without a scope! (method in my madness!;))

Im not far off my new mount, which is why ive posted a thread about it here ==> http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-help/92452-skywatcher-eq6-pro-synscan-buy-now-after-xmas.html#post1332553

So if anyone can offer me any advice id be ever so grateful (and i promise i will take it this time!!:mad:)

Thanks in advance

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Hi Mick,

A warm welcome to SGL, I do not have an EQ6 but wish I had, as far as I am aware it has a proven track record, excellent if you want to upgrade to a larger scope in the future for your imaging, the only thing it`s a tad on the heavy side, but of course, that helps to provide stability, enjoy the forum.


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Thanks for the welcome everyone, its a nice feeling knowing people are willing to offer friendly advice, especially to someone like me that tends to dive head first into every idea that comes into my head!

Ive had Telescopes before, a 6" reflector and also a 6" Helios refractor, both of which i had a great time using, but i must say, this Astrophotography has really gripped me!

I must have a million questions to ask, but i love working problems out myself, then, if all else fails, i will torture the living daylights out of everyone to find an answer!:icon_eek::hello2:

Right now i cant wait for my new mount, so id best be making up the spare bed for the missus so theres room for me and the new mount in my bed! (the poor thing might get lonely downstairs all on its own!):mad:

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Thanks Ron, i keep getting funny looks from the missus due to all the time ive been spending on the net searching for a camera, then a Telescope and now a mount, i'm sure she thinks im having an affair!

Wait untill i tell her im going out into the countryside in the middle of the night, and wont be back untill its light, not sure how she'll take to that idea!:icon_eek:

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