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The bottom of the lunar imaging learning curve


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I haven't really done any lunar work, but decided to give it a try last night, using the Megrez 90 on the EQ6 and a Toucam webcam. Each shot was 1min AVI, stacked and processed (using single point alignment and 85% quality) in Regi4. I've done some reading since which suggests these are not optimal parameters!

I'm looking to learn, so all comments welcomed - particularly any recommendations for an easy to use mosaic programme.

Many thanks







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Great work Helen and you have got all the bits for a mozzy, we use iMerge.....


With quality level and Regx5 I put it down to 50% then it picks all the frames then I move the slider from right to the better quality left until the quality is acceptable then limit to this - sometimes it may be top 30% other times top 10% as each capture is unique - this way you can be the judge.


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Great start Helen, focus is pin sharp with loads of detail visible.

Try Microsoft ICE for mosaics, it's free and fairly automatic. I couldn't resist having a go, hope you don't mind :hello2:

I selected the background and darkened it, flipped the image, increased the contrast slightly with curves and upped the saturation a touch, no sharpening done - or needed.

[Edit] Here's the full version for you Helen :icon_eek:



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