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10mm binocular solar projections


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Hi everyone,

I have a pair of 10mm binoculars, and I am interested in solar projections with them, I have heard that I should be able to see sunspots if I can project correctly, and I also know the method (move the card further away to enlarge the image and reduce the light intensity, and focus to sharpen the image).

I would like to know what the optimal size:light intensity ratio should be (how far away should I place the card?) and whether I really can see any surface detail.


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HI George

10mm binos should be fine for seeing sunspots. Theres no hard and fast rule as regards optimal size etc. In general make the image as big as possible without losing detail in the image. most solar observers use 60mm refractors (these are actually very cheap and dont need to be of great optical quality) & project an image 6inches diameter.

Put your binos on a tripod & if youre any way handy try to rig up some way of attaching the card to them.

Great way to start is by visiting the SOHO telescope website The Very Latest SOHO Images or spaceweather site SpaceWeather.com -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids to see if there are any spots on the sun and then try to pick them out with your binos. You can then judge for yourself the best set-up.

Unfortuneatley the Sun is extremely quiet at the moment and susnpots are rare, so dont be surprised if weeks go by without any activity.

Hope this helps & lets know how you get on or if youve any more questions.

David Gradwell

btw is that your 172??

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the help. It's quite hard with the current sunrise/set times to get any observing in anyway, unless I take my binoculars and card to school :icon_eek: I'll report if I see anything.

The aircraft isn't mine, but it is the one I'm learning to fly in.

Thanks again!

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