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Daylight Polaris.


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Has anyone tried to Observe Polaris in daylight.

No bother, with a properly aligned scope of 2" aperture and transparent skies. I remember finding Albireo in full sunlight & being able to see both components with 6" x125.

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The Astronomer ran a "competition" donkey's years ago challenging the subscribers to see how long before sunset Polaris could be seen with the naked eye. Using a TV aerial as a pointer having viewed Polaris after dark, I was surprised at how light a sky would still show it if you knew exactly where it was. Having good eyesight in those days I got some quite respectable results but as usual there's always someone on a mountain top in the USA.......... On a similar tack, if you pick up Jupiters satellites in daylight with a scope it's surprisingly difficult to find any stars of similar magnitude by sweeping about.

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