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Getting a new (non DIY) observatory

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Hello All,

First time posting here, so hello everyone.

Having just moved house I want to have an observatory in the garden so I've been looking at Pulsar, Sirius and (just recently) Scopedome. I built a roll off sched observatory at my previous house and I haven't the inclination to do it all again.

This is to be a fairly automated system in that the dome should rotate with the scope, although the shutter does not need to be automated. Has anyone had any exprience with any of these manufacturers (or others) and their automation systems?

I also wonder if is really necessary to have an observatory PC. You can get USB hubs (Belkin do one) that connect to a LAN so my thought was to have just such a USB hub and an ethernet switch in the observatory and then run a cable back to the house where it can plug into a router or laptop. All the peripherals should appear on the laptop as if they were plugged into USB ports on the laptop. It would hopefully be a bit cheaper and simpler than trying PC to PC comms. Has anybody tried this?



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