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Isn't weather wonderful?!


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Here I am one day away from being back in work after having twenty days off in the last twenty-four and I've got the scope out once for just over 2 hours! Oh, I did manage to see the moon for about ten minutes earlier tonight, before it started raining again. ;)

Looking at the forecast for the next five days it is predicting clear skies on Friday, Saturday & Monday nights, all of which I'm working :headbang:

I had hoped that after putting in the central heating to the Attic (where my much better half does her hobbies, sewing, card making & other crafty things). Finishing plastering walls that have been waiting for over 12 months, that my Karma (or whatever) would have been improved a little. :D

Obviously I'm getting something wrong, I even put off fitting a cooling fan (along the lines of Astro_Baby) & getting prepared to mod a ToUcam SPC900NC (without the parallel port, as my laptop doesn't have one). Maybe I should have stuck at the modifications list rather than the house :):D (wash my mouth out) ;)

Anyway I hope my going back to work helps all those who have been champing at the bit for the past few weeks.

I'm :D Best regards,

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