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Date:--------------- 25th. November 2009.

Publication: ---------Earth and Life exhibition.---22nd October 2009.

Location:----------- National Museums Northern Ireland, Ulster.

---------------------Museum, Belfast.

Object:------------- The Moon.

Equipment: LXD75 6"N, monochrome ToUCam, 2x barlow, green fliter, EQ6. 42 pane mosaic.



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Date:--------------- 23rd. December 2009.

Publication: ---------Sky at Nigh Magazine.Issue 56 January 2009.

Object:------------The Pac Man Nebula.

-------------------SW ED80 Refractor mODIFIED Canon 300D DSLR.


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Date:-----------17th. July 2010.

Publication:-----Sky at Night Magazine Issue 63 July 2010.

Object:---------Messier 51 The Whirlpool Galaxy. In Canes Venatici.

----------------Skywatcher 10" 250PX Newtonian.

----------------Modified Canon 300D DSLR, SW EQ6 Pro Mount.

Well Done Adam.



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