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Looking good take 2


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Certainly looks good.

I know this is a bit negative of me, but have you noticed how the forecast for 3-4 days time is often good and then becomes worse as the day approaches?

Something else rather strange with these forecasts: I use the BBC forecast which gives predictions for each 3 hour time slot over the current 24 hours. Strangely, the 3 hour predictions are not always consistent with the daily prediction - e.g. I've seen sunshire and/or clear skies forecast for every 3 hour period over 24 hours when the daily summary is for cloud with some rain! Similarly, the BBC forecast for a particular location is often not the same as that on the Met Office site, even though both are produced using the Met Office 5 day forecasts! What are they up to?

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I hope it's clear tonight! I just took delivery of my Tasco branded Celestron goto mount, already bodged my st80 on to it (who needs a £52 adaptor!) so hoping to give it a test tonight!!

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Hope it's clear in Bridgnorth Kain iam in those neck of the woods fri and sat night with the ED80 :D

Yup it will be mate, if not you have my address so you know where I leave to come and kick my ass.

Saturday night though I'm AWOL, BBQ for my birthday..

Id rather take the scope out to be honest than listening to drunken relatives saying how much I have grown lol.


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Well the mist stayed away long enough for me to play out. Had a total blast tonight.

Set up the skelescope with the DSLR on it doing 90 second exposures and while it was doing it I stuck the Mak. on the HEQ5 on the pier to do some looking.

First visual M81, M13, M57. Tried the tour thing on he skyscan and guess what? The first three "recommendations" were below the horizon. What's that for?

Tied some more Messiers that I'm not familiar with and failed to spot / recognize them.

Flipping DSLR was out of focus again so nothing to wave about, but it was good fun doing it.

Captain Chaos

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I've got 5 clear nights showing :D :D :D

I should get tonight for certain, maybe tomorrow, Monday for certain, Tuesday for certain, Wednesday probably not!

Goody goody :D:p

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Glad most folk got to play 8)

Sky here last night was awesome.

Not a cloud insight and the sky colour just before it reached darkest

was just like a winter sky.

Tell you what, if it was clear every night, I'd be worn out in a week

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