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Upgrade Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ to computerised mount?

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I bought an AstroMaster 130EQ for my dad last Christmas but he has struggled to locate stars with it (he's 60+). Initially thinking a manual mount maybe more 'fun' it seems he would benefit from a computerised mount.

I thought I could buy a motor mount kit but this is just to track a star once you've manually located it. I hope I'm wrong but it seems I should have bought a 130 SLC or SE scope and not the EQ if I wanted a computerised scope?

I thought it would be a case of modifying the replacing the existing mount / tripod - which would be cheaper than replacing the entire set up?

I'm out of my depth with the technicalities so any advice welcome...


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I don't think there is a "GOTO" upgrade available for that mount - just an option to motorise it to track the stars as you say.

From the pictures of the scope (I don't own one) it looks as if it fits onto the mount with a standard "dovetail" fitting so it should be possible in theory to move the scope onto a new mount that will find, as well as track, the stars and astro objects (ie: a GOTO mount).

The SLT mounts on their own sometimes come up 2nd hand for around £80-£100 but I'm not sure you can buy just the mounts new.

It might be simpler to sell the whole scope and buy something similar already on a GOTO mount like this:

Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 130P SynScan AZ GOTO


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