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last nite i danced in my garden


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hi guys

For years ive been watching program like sky at night and universe and loving them.So this year i decide to try and see some of the sights for my self.

i rbought my self a C8 on a goto mount. After many cloudly nights and clear nights with me geting frusrated at my self and the mount after failing to set it up correctly. last nite i saw my first DSO orion nebula with its greenish stars in the centre. tried my narrow band filter and the focal reducer. decided on focal with narrow and 25mm. as i looked at it it felt like it was all mine up there in the sky silly feeling but i liked it.

:hello2:ive been telling every one ive seen today soon now it u guys turn:hello2:

P.S i live in bristol and the guy i got scope off has glued a mrf finder to the rear cell which is great in all if i could see the stars. so to this point ive order from use a stellarvue finder. to fix this proplery is it the rounded screws on the rear cell i have to removed to install the shoe?

many thanks.

plz god more clear nights

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Nice first DSO!

The Orion nebula is a great object to watch with an 8" telescope...

Every time it's a WOW! ( For me... but i think for many of us.)

But there are more nice DSO M31 (Andromeda Nebula) is another great object to watch!

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