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Messier 42 in Ha/OIII

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Hi All,

Just got Registar, so thought I would have a go at combining my Narrowband data... It worked!!

Here is the result - exposure times are very difficult to calculate though!


Full details, and a larger version available here

Thanks for looking!



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Rich, funnily enough, I just read your last pacman post, and was going to suggest Registar to you for that.

I find it great to give a quick overview of how good the narrowband data will look together, using the merge to RGB tool. You can use this to see other palletes to, as well as hubble, and it is by far the quickest method I know of doing things like HaO3O3 or HaO3Ha+O3 for preview.

It is an awesome tool it has to be said, and now, (I presume you keep all your old data) you have enough files to play with for the rest of your life probably! You can get some great results combining different fov's of objects, I havent figured out yet whether it is better to enlarge or reduce the files, but probably best to use the best image you have as the main canvas.

Let's see some more then :headbang:

As Kevin says, lot less noiser on this one. That is another unwitting feature of registar, if you keep combining the combined images, you can get reach the best compromise between smoothness and detail very easily, and even set the weights of each image as required. It is surprising what results you can get from using an extra bright image, and extra sharp one, an extra soft one, and an extra saturated one, and then combining them, usually without doing a calibration of the reg'd file. Have fun experimenting :D


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Outstanding processing Richie. You've put a lot into it, and deservedly rewarded for it. Superb result.


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Lovely image mate ... its images like these that make me jealous lol, makes me want to sell all my music equipment to get what i need hehe....

Must be sensible and atleast try to resist the urge ... but you guys with your lovely photo's make it a lot blumming harder!!


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