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Messier & Herschel 400 CheckList in Excel


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An excel file is attached with the checklists for both Messier and Herschel 400 objects.

On Sheet 1: Totals.

On Sheet 2: Messier Checklist

On Sheet 3: Herschel 400 Checklist

You only have to fill in the "Date Observed" column on each check list and the totals page will auto update. You can also use standard Excel filters to filter each column by value or order by a column. It's useful if you wan't it ordered by constellation, list number, NGC, etc..

If you like it feel free to use it. :headbang:

PS-> I copy pasted the values from some html tables I googled last week. I only organized stuff and did some quick formulas. I would like to give credit to whoever put the tables togheter but I didn't save the links. :D

EDIT: Use the version 4 posts bellow if you want Caldwell too without bugs. Or click here.

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Your Welcome! :D

Found a bug on the Caldwell catalog table.:headbang:

When you reordered by a column the "Date Observed" values wouldn't be attached to the rest of the columns witch kind of defeat the purpose.

Corrected now:

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Bit of an old thread, but like the above poster I wondered if anyone had the link as it's broken?


I too would like the link but it does not seem to be working although i have this one which i will be printing to use with my bins.

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