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Help with telescope for newbie.

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I have a short tube newtonian telescope that I brought a short period of time ago and would like to get a clock drive for it but I am unsure what type of Equatorial mount I have. It says in the manual under mount ET-8 Equatorial. not something like EQ1 or EQ2. I don,t know if anyone can help maybe even suggest where I can purchase an appropiate clock drive. I would be very grateful. Regards mr.maverik

p.s please see pics



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You mount looks very similar to the Astro 3 mount thet used to be sold by Telescope Services in Germany:

Telescope-Service Mounts

They sell (or sold) drives to fit that one so I expect you can get them for yours. The drive they are selling looks very like the one that Skywatcher do for their EQ2 mount so one of those might do instead.


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It does look kind of similar to an EQ2 fitting but you;d have to know what the gear ratio is on it to make it work.

Where did you get the scope from ? Can the dealer who sold it advise.

TO me it looks like the mount Seben sell with one of their scopes. If thats the case (and the mount really does look like this Seben mount supplied with this scope 6" Seben Big Boss 1400-150 Telescope New on eBay (end time 19-Nov-09 22:00:14 GMT) ) then Seben definititely do a drive for it I would think.

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