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Sunday/Monday 16th/17th , I was out with the C80 with my eldest doing some visual stuff. Mainly Orion and The Pleiades. Natasha was blown away at how pretty the sisters looked through the scope . She was amazed at the number of stars seen through it in comparison with the bino's . We spent a good hour together viewing various sites . She saw M42 for the first time and , unpromted by me, said she saw grey fuzz !

Anyway , I stayed out a wee bit longer to try do some imaging . It was whilst doing this that , at 0207 UT , I saw the longest meteor I have ever seen in my life , so far.

It came from the area of Monoceros and headed towards Orion , about 2 -3 degress under the belt. It was absolutely huge in length and had glorious colour in the tail . In my estimation it had to be at least three or four times the width of the distance between Salph and Rigel ! As this was streaking amost horizontally I am wondering if I had actually seen my first Earthgrazer ?

p.s. Just been confirmed that it probs was an Earthgrazer. I am so stoked about seeing such a glorious site .

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I saw a similar sight a few weeks back, I was looking in the direction of Perseus at about 7pm on October 29th when a bright(ish) meteor appeared below Auriga and tracked across the sky towards andromeda and carried on for a fair bit before disappearing after travelling about half way across the sky. I think it might have been a Taurid. It never got really bright and stayed in one piece, I estimate it was about magnitude 0. Could it have possibly been an earthgrazer?

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I think I'll have to claim last nights first geminid as as earth grazer, it was huge, bright and lasted ages (reletively speaking). So beautiful, and I'd swear I could almost here it (my head does add sound tracks to things). Not my first, but the best I've seen in a very long time. Unfortunately the rest that I saw were so much dimmer and more fleeting.

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