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Eyepiece cross-hair

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Hi all,

Some time ago when I had my TAL scope, it came with a non-illuminated cross-hair reticle that could screw into any eyepiece. I would use it in my 40mm eyepiece when aligning my finder and also used it when doing my GOTO mount alignment...

I have seen actual full reticle eyepieces like this ScopeTeknix Classic 18mm Reticule Eyepiece (wide angle) on the market, or the full illuminated reticules like this Eyepieces & Barlows - Celestron MicroGuide Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece

But does anyone know if anything like the TAL reticle is available??

It is shown in this image from the TAL instruction manual, number 7 in the picture - not a great help, but it shows what I mean.

Any help or ideas would be great...


Andy M...


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I have one which I bought off this very board ladt year. My intention was to use it in a RAF to make lining up easier, but I am having difficulty getting hold of a cheap EP that will focus with the finder!

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I've looked out an old OVL pricelist and it was called a 'Cross Hair Recticle' and was cat # 558.

Might be worth a call round some dealers to see if any are gathering dust on the shelf?


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Item #1 looks like a plate of scotch pie on a bed of gravy.

Back on topic ;-)

Tal's price list quotes it as 277 roubles. The recticle that is, not the scotch n gravy !

So they are still in production.


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