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First Imaging Question


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Newbie here,

Still getting to grips with my new scope (Celestron CPC800) and as the weather is lousy I've been having a read about imaging which is my ultimate objective.

At the moment I have a Cannon 400 DSLR which I think I've established would be a suitable starting point, I realise I'm going to need a wedge but when it comes to guiding I'm a bit lost (ok a lot).

From what I've read off-axis guiders seem a bit of a 'mare so I think I'm going to need a guide scope and a guide camera. (Planning on concentrating on DSOS)

Assuming I'm correct can anybody point me in the right direction for a suitable guide scope / camera for my setup please?

Many thanks,


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A very popular choice of guide 'scope is the Skywatcher Short Tube 80mm refractor, (often knows as the SW ST80 or Startravel 80T). This is a small, simple 80mm refractor with no frills but is actually a lovely little telescope. You would need to devise a method of attaching it to you Schmidt Cassegrain but there are various solutions, including tube rings fitted to you existing telescope with a mounting bar to hold the guiding telescope.

If you are happy to have a PC outside with you then the QHY5 is a very popular guide camera. If you would prefer a stand alone guide camera then you could consider the Orion Solitaire which is completely sekf contained (but still needs a guide telescope, of course).

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Netbook and a cheap QHY or similar will work out less than the solitaire and give you so much more..

netbooks are around #100-#130 on average in the refurb section of laptopsdirect website. I have bought 4 of them now in total for under #140 each.. all with Windows XP...PHD guide software is free... I use one just for guide/control operations (cost #94quid inc the rebate)..Little ASUS 900

A wedge will be a good idea though..long term

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