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Another Hello from Glasgow

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Hi there, im Steve and I'm studying physics and astronomy at Glasgow university. Pretty much enjoy the astronomy more than the physics tho these days, especially want to start doing some imaging at our universities observatory and maybe on my own scope when(hopefully not if :rolleyes:) I get it that is.


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Hello Steve, and welcome to the SGL Forum.

There is lots of good Info. available if you need it.

One or two Physics Buffs here too, so you are in good company.

Much better to own your own scope, but make use of what is available free until such time as you can get your own.

Good luck with your studies.


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I actually already have a scope. Its a Bushnell 4'' reflector that Ive used when the weather has been clear and Ive been away from the light polluting streets of Glasgow. I actually meant my new scope which will hopefully be a 6'' or 8'' Meade :rolleyes:

Trying atm to get our department to invest in some narrowband filters so I can start doing some image compositing.

Also trying to see how feasible it is to write some sub pixel tracking programs, maybe turn it into a lab project for the second semester.


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