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Rosette Nebula - Astrotrac Image


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Well it was a quick dash for the astrotrac last night at midnight,

I had arrived home late with the family got out of the car and looked up, it was a clearish night no Moon so I thought why not :laughing:

Much to my wife's annoyance with cupboard doors opening and camera gear being hastily arranged.

EOS 40D (modified)


Sigma 100-300 f/4

30 x 1:30 minute subs (45mins total)

30 bias offsets + no darks

Thought Id have a go with Noels spikes despite it being a camera lens laughing7.gif

Now I'm waiting for more data, hopefully I'll get another hour or so of longer subs and then i'll ad the darks..


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Very pretty indeed Guy! I dont recall seeing the Rosette in its context before, what a great use of the astrotrac.

I especially like the star colours, but the whole pic is vibrant and pleasing to the eye.

Nice one :rolleyes:


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That's a flawless image of the Rosette Guy, clean and crisp. Wouldn't have previously believed that was possible in only 45mins, I guess the F4 helped there. Mind you with the current weather 45mins is a long exposure in my book!



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