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Just about to clean my mirror

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I stored my 12" Dob in an outside shed, and after the winds over the last couple of days, it looks like dust devils have been hiding in the shed and deposited all their gook on my mirror.

I noticed when i checked the collimation this morning in anticipation of a clear night tonight!

Anyway, the mirror cell is out, mirror off the holder ready to be cleaned. Just going to get a few pints of distilled water now and a brand new brillo pad :rolleyes: then I will of course need the courage to actually do it. :)

Wish me luck, ( I'm not really going to use the brillo pad.........)


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Well, that went rather well.

1, First up was to put the mirror in the bath propped up against a nice soft bathmat. I sprayed the mirror with a nice lukewarm shower head, first thing to slide off was the centre spot!!

After a few minutes under the shower, I gently swabbed the surface with cotton wool balls soaked in warm water with a drop of washing up liquid mixed in. Then, a final rinse with a couple of litres of distilled water.

2, I let most of the water drain off, then used a hairdrier to chase the rest of the water off ( set on cold) then some warm air to finally dry it off.

Result? A perfectly clean, streak free mirror.

3, I managed to reglue the centre spot after finding the right point using 3 strands of black cotton crossing the centre ( forming a cocked hat for all you Naval types!)

4, Refitted to the tube and now for collimation. The laser shone right in the centre of the doughnut ( :rolleyes: I got it right, but more importantly, so did Skywatcher!!) a few seconds later, its collimated and ready to go.

5, Cue clouds.............


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What did I tell you nowt to worry about :rolleyes:

Did you do your secondary as well?

Easy peasy, and no, it was getting late and the secondary seems pretty clean. I will leave it for later in the year..


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Does the centre spot wash off that easily?


Mine washed off while I had the shower head spraying warm water over it. It looked to me like it was lifting a bit anyway. I managed to retreive it from the bath and it was still sticky when I dried it out. I fixed it back on the mirror with a thin film of glue. Bit awkward to do without touching the mirror though!

Cleaning the mirror isnt something i would want to do regularly; the risk of damage goes up everytime you touch it, but it was easy to do and is cleaner than it was when I bought it ( finger prints on the mirror from new!) There are still a few dried water spots on the surface that you can see with a torch ( I know, never shine a torch on the mirror....) but they wont affect the view. Just waiting for a clear night to see if I got it right.


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