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HELP! Rain on my optics

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I was waiting for this big cloud to blow over when it started raining, I tilted the scope horizontally to avoid getting the mirrors wet, rushed inside to grab the caps, back out, caps on, dragged scope inside, never moved so fast in my life.

I think I managed to save the mirrors as I can't see a single drop on them but the mini viewscope got hit with a drop on the larger glass.. bit.. and my eyepeice got hit with a drop too; what do I do? do I wipe it off, try and simply dab it away? what should I do.

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And if you really feel you want to clean a lens get a celstron lens pen and do it properly...No cotton wool, tissues etc.....No really I have been there and done that...

But I agree do not clean unless it really is making a difference to what you see which a few spots of rain will not...


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Lesson learned: keep all caps close to hand.

Though a few drops of rain will do no harm at all.

I leave the EPs I'm not using, on the base rack, with the top cap on at all times. Prevents dew efficiently.

Clear skies


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