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Meade LXD55 6" frac - dew shield requirement

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I recently obtained a S/H Meade LXD55 6" frac which I mount on my CG5 with pillar extension - all good so far.

The dew shield on the frac is not the longest and I am getting dew on the objective. Of course I can get rid of it by using my 12v hairdryer but perhaps a longer due shield would be the answer.

I know that FLO sell Astrozap Flex Drew shields but I am not sure which would be correct model - I guess the 6” LXD 75 SN??

Any other suggestions?


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You can make a very good dew shield from a closed cell camping mat!

I have one I made for a 6" f3.6 Cometracker over 15 years ago and still going strong. ( Just made a new one for the 8"sct OTA - let's hope it lasts just as long!)

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I'll be interested in the suggestions on this Mark as I've got the 5" version of the scope -with the same truncated dew shield issue.

In the USA there is a company called Scopestuff that do longer dew shields to for these scopes:


Not sure if they ship to the UK ???


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Astrozap do rigid dewshields for both the lxd55 and lxd75 versions of the Meade AR5 and AR6 which seem to be the correct length.

Would love to get one but FLO (who seem to be the only UK distributors of Astrozap) don't sell them.


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