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Hey all!


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Hi everyone,

Just thought id drop in and say g'day. Im a (very) amateur astrnomer form Sydney, Australia. I currently own a 76mm f/9 alt-az mounted newt, and a 114mm f/9 EQ mounted newt, and im picking up a new 12" (30cm) f/5 dob in a few days, and i cant wait to put it through its paces. im expecting there to be a huge difference in the observing quality of the dob and my newts.

Does anyone know of a few targets which should test the quality of the new dob??

Also, im having a problem with my 114mm newt, i cant seem to get a clear view of anything, it doesnt seem to come into full focus and always seems blurred to one side (if that makes sense to anyone). ive checked and adjusted the collimation several times and the problem remains. im currently getting clearer and crisper views of jupiter through my 76mm! If anyone has any hints/suggestions, they would be hugely appreciated, as im tearing my hair out trying to get it working properly as it is virtually useless as it is.

Thanks guys,

wishing you dark nights and clear skies,


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Hi Dav,

A warm welcome to SGL, if you could provide a little more information on the problem with your scope, try placing your inquiry in the Equipment / Help section, I am sure someone will be able to provide an answer, enjoy the forum.


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Thanks for the warm welcome guys...

Im not sure what brand/make/model it is, i got it cheap 2nd hand (i guess ive found out the sellers reason for selling it....and why it was so cheap....hehehe) and it has no brand marking or anything on it...i.e cheap brand to begin with so not real surprising....

not too bad though...ive now got a great 114mm equatorial mounted clothes airer....hehehe

and lulu57...thanks for the tip, but what are those lil holes in the accessory tray for, if not for shotglasses????....:rolleyes:...

thanks guys


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Welcome to the Forum Big Dav and great idea for the eyepiece tray. I think your 114mm clothes airer is not collimated properly as focusing at one side is a symptom of this. You really should use a laser.


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