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EQ5 load capacity


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Hi all,

I have newly acquired a skywatcher explorer 200mm on an eq5 mount (early and unexpected birthday present). I intend to buy a RA drive to dabble in some basic astrophotography. Will the mount cope with an EOS 40d and guide scope (eg 80mm or 100mm startravel)? I used the 40d on my EQ3 (although didn't do very well!) but never tried it with a guide scope.


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Well i have used an 8" newt on one w/ a 450D, it can take a guidescope as well, but your balance would have to be very good. Actually i found my old eq5 mount to be quite good for imaging and you don't need a guidescope for basic astrophotography. So long as your mount is aligned very well & everything is balanced out properly you should be fine. Take a look at the dso section of my website - address in my sig. All those pictures were taken unguided.


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Thanks Nadeem. I'll spend more time getting the alignment as best I can in the first place and do without the guide. I only thought about it as when I have tried to image M57 it can't be seen in the finderscope and only need to shift slightly when attaching the camera to lose it out of the cameras fov. M27 was easier as I could see it in the finderscope. Obviously you have 10kg of counterweights but I wasn't sure if the scope could handle anymore weights to allow for a guide scope and still track OK with a RA motor.

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