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DSLR cameras


Which do you think is the best/better camera/s and why  

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  1. 1. Which do you think is the best/better camera/s and why

    • Nikon D50
    • Canon 300D
    • Canon 350D
    • Can`t say because they are all good cameras
    • not sure

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I've voted for the 300D,

I've got the 300D but not any of the others...

But from what I've heard (from other astronomers), the Nikon automatically takes a dark frame and then subtracts it before saving it to the memory card. the only way around this is to actually turn the camera off during this process and it forces the camera to "emergency" save the image without subtracting the DF.

As I said in the other camera thread, I've also been told that the smaller pixel size makes (and this is where I become a little unsure) the chip less sensitive and therefore more noisy to obtain the same exposure.

The ISO3200, mirror lock up can be obtained by changing the firmware.



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Forgive me for saying but, the D50 & 300D are not normally shortlisted for comparison with the 350D.  If you are looking for an alternative to the 350D (?) then you will need to compare the Nikon D70s (and D70 if we are including discontinued models like the 300D), the Pentax *ist D range and Minoltas 5D and 7D. 

Steve  :)

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