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Bright Asteroids


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Just in case anyone else is interested in the brighter Asteroids:

Elements & Ephemerides: Bright Minor Planets 2009

If someone tells me the world's leading authority on, I don't know, Neptune's moon Triton is Professor Melford Pickwick, I'll find his email address and ask him some questions. It's amazing how many of these famous and busy people take the time to reply to you. The vast majority are very approachable and will gladly share their opinions.

The above link came from the very kind Dr Rachford and will keep me busy for the foreseeable future!

"Cool the scope Jim Bob, we're going to hunt us some asteroids"

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Danny, give it a try and let me know how you get on. However, I did the same and it didn't work at all. I knew exactly where the asteroid was because I was looking at it. The ephemeris data or whatever you call it, didn't put the asteroid in the correct place. In the end I gave up on Stellarium and found Cartes du Ciel is far far better for locating asteroids, especially if you download the Tyco2 catalogue.

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