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my new website


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Here is my first ever attempt at building my own website.

I had hoped to cheat and get one of my mates to build it for me but he wasn't having any of it.

All comments and suggestions welcome.

I know there is not a lot in it just now but i hope to change this soon.

And remember its my first go so be gentle.


Cheers for looking.

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Hi ya Jamie,

Looks very nice (once I installed the plugins needed - I have an old machine).

One thing though, my monitor is running at 1024 x 768 and your pages have they been designed to run on a higher resolution monitor?

Looking good though, the moon shots are very nice and I LOVE the comet ikeya and M31 widefield, excellent.


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All comments and suggestions welcome.

Hi Jamie,

The moon animation on the Lunar page 'wobbles'. Is that right ... I mean, does it actually do that :?:

Steve :)

Hi Steve the answer to your question is that the Moon does actually wobble like that only you are seeing it

at an accelerated rate .

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