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Storage - a followup


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Howabout putting the flight cases under the bed? SWMBO wouldn't let me keep my scopes in the lounge (the kids would probably wreck them anyway) and they ended up in the garage. I have managed to secrete a couple of cases upstairs recently though.

Thinking back, we had a 1935 James motorcycle in our front room for a lot of my child hood (ok it was almost restored and didn't leak oil). My dad was obviously able to get away with a lot more than I can!

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LOL, this is how my dining room look pretty much all the time, luckily there is an obs just around the corner, and my fiancee has been very patient with 2 years of constant mess, with boxes full of leads, and eyepieces sitting around, basically complete loss of the dining room during that time. BUT I feel some day I will pay dearly for this :icon_eek:

The box the smaller scope is sitting on is full of astro stuff, and there is a cupboard in the sitting room too. She'll be glad when it's all shifted outside....


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Hiya! I use a Keter Store-it-Out which has been excellent. So it may be worth a look if you have a garden and enough space there?? We've had some heavy rainfall and the kit has remained dry, only the atmospheric humidity which I suppose you'd get in an obsy anyway! The only thing is to watch drips when you lift the lid and I'd recommend raising the kit off the bottom in case of flooding!

Any comments anyone??


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