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Pics from the Star Party

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Some pics from the Cherry Springs Star Party, at Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania. The park is dedicated to the use of amateur astronomers. The pit toilets have red lights in the evening.

They are, in order: A young astronomer from Maryland, in front of his 14" dob, a young friend of mine from the same area, in front of a big Celestron dob - he himself has a 8" SCT and a 6" frac, $12,000 worth of SCT and mount camped near us, and 17.5" alley - all the dobs in this photo are 17.5's.





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Here is a 6" f/15 home made achro. I went over to have a look at it about 2:00 am, but the owner had pooped out and gone to bed.

There were about 400 people on the field, but it was very well organized, and a lot of fun, even though it didn't clear until the last night.


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Yes, I did get to look through a couple of large scopes. Most of their owners are anxious to show them off. I spent more time looking through my own scope this year, though, and actually only remember seeing the ring. I did get another look through a different one, but I can't remember what at. :?

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WAIT! I can explain! That's me relaxing in my kitchen shelter with the nice wife of one of the other stargazers ( the one who shared the fish with me.) The fish had been in the foil containers on the barbecue to the right of me, but at that point it was in our tummies, so, no picture of the fish.

There was a lot of space there, and most of the time you weren't aware that there were 400 people about. I love the Pennsylvania countryside, too. It's very fresh and green.

There are bears in them thar woods, but they haven''t bothered anyone, not since they ate a small and rather naughty child a few years ago.

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Looks like a great star party there wh,those pics certainly give a taste of the atmosphere,i havnt been camping in years,used to love it,got me wanting a new tent now :)


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