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Hi from Wales.


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Hi all,

Name is Chris and im planning a long overdue return to star gazing.

Unfortunately time hasn't been on my side (kids, family and running own tattoo studio), meant that my teenage stargazing days got put on hold.

Browsing Youtube a little while back I came across a song done by Symphony of Science, using Carl Sagan's Cosmos, autotuned, to create a beautiful song. This resulted in me digging out the cosmos vhs, only to realise my VHS was no longer working, so off i went and bought the dvd box set.

Since then i've spent loads of time on the net browsing the forums and looking at deepsky objects wishing i had a telescope which would enable me to see those objects, atleast, to a decent degree.

I think the real kick off was when i bought my son a telescope at christmas and i spent a little time showing him the moon and a few other objects that were really hard work to find using the scope i got for him.....so infact, a double reason for a new telescope which has been brewing for a few months hehe.

Anyhows, will stop blabbering now.

I bought a Skywatcher 10" Dobsonian from a member of this forum, Xunil and im very pleased with the purchase and had a great, but unfortunately short, chat before heading back home.

Cheers mate :icon_eek:

Look forward to participating in this forum and hope i can contribute at some time too.



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Cheers again all, sure are a lot of Welshies here lol. Cant be a bad thing :icon_eek:

I can't wait for a clear night to have a first blast with my new TS, weather is actually lookin ok at the moment, ya never know hehe.

Can you really see much in the daytime on a clear blue sky?

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