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orange ball

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Hi All

last night about 1930 hrs i saw a large what seemed like orange ball, almost square in shape, moving accross the sky west to east! we thought it was a plane at first but it seemed to slow down then change direction and shrank and dissappeared! ain about 30 secs never seen anything like it before

any ideas?

cheers steve

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Chinese lantern? I saw something similar last night. Being Halloween, I assumed it was some sort of lantern lit by a night light or something similar. My neighbours drew my attention to it while I was taking some images of the moon. Whatever it was, it was certainly small (tiny) with an bright orange glow, man-made, low in altitude and being carried along by the breeze.

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hi thanks for that but what are these chinese lanterns? exactly that or is it a name for something astronomy related

excuse my ignorance please

No, it's a small paper lantern. The heat from the nightlite makes it rise like an hot air balloon, they then get pushed along by the wind until they blow out or die naturally like any candle.

See this Amazon link:-

10 x Sky Lantern, Khoom Fay, Chinese Lanterns, Flying Lanterns: Amazon.co.uk: Garden & Outdoors

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