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Once In a Blue Moon

skye at night

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Generally accepted as meaning 'rarely' but actually happens every 2.7 years or so..

I was just doing my 'now-and-thenly' look ahead on starry Night to see what events and conjunctions were ahead for the end of the year and noticed that December has a second full (Blue) moon this year...

Not only that, but... it will occur on the last day of the year also.

Not sure on the stats.., but i will bet that the next time that happens really will be a long time...


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The meaning of the term has been ambiguous all through history - indeed some sources claim that it means that the moon actually appears blue - due to some unusual atmospheric conditions.

But the second Full Moon in the month seems an often-cited interpretation, though by no means as rare an event as all that! Now, a second Full Moon in February - that would be quite something to talk about! Actually, just been looking things up, it's not possible ;) - the minimum possible length of a lunation is just over 29 days and 6 hours, and February has at most 29 days...

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