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Autoguiding via Off-Axis Guider


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Equipment 12in LX200 Classic on Wedge and Canon 450D (to be modded?) for imaging. Having read the pros and cons of guiding an SCT via guidescope or off-axis guider I am throughly confused. Could anybody tell me if I am likely to get a reasonable result using say a Meade DSI II (available second-hand), software such as PHD and feeding the DSI via a Meade Off-Axis guider. I was thinking of acquiring a guidescope but have been put off by the mirror shift issue commonly mentioned . I cannot imagine the self contained guiders such as the StarShoot Solitare being very happy with the dimmish output from an off axis guider although I would prefer this method if feasible. Thanks

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Until you mentioned the words "MEade off axis guider" things looked okay.. and the LVI or starshoot...why oh why would you spend £500+ on that when your DSI and a £100 netbook with a free copy of PHD and a £50 GPUSB will beat it every single time..?

In theory it will work, but talk to someone who has got the autoguiding on the LX200/wedge working for more info on that side..

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I've got exactly the same set-up - 12" Lx200 on a wedge, and use successfully (- sorry to disappoint -Nick) an OAG and a QHY5 camera. The DSI II works very well...

Unfortunately the Meade OAG is not on my "prefered" list. I've tried it and MANY more OAG's and the Celestron or the Lumicon Newt ( if you're using the zero shift focuser) are better.

Having said that, it will still work. There's no loss of light to the guide star - it's just like looking at the edge of the FOV with a diagonal......

What more can I say - it works!!

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