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Luna data revisited,


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Cheers chaps, I'm really pleased with the reworks, REGv5 was working overtime ;)

I do think this was probably the best data I've ever collected of the Moon and as I said , did a bit of twiddling in Reg, used pre-blurring for the 1st time too. Surprisingly though I had only a mitful of frames to discard. The single panes are as is, they've not been subject to drizzle BTW.

As a reminder- QHY5 with a Wratten #25 red filter at F6 prime on the Cape.

Karlo :(

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Really like the third one down, nice processing, good detail. Sorry about not continuing that thread, ill get back to it. back in the real world of trying to image again ( and not with great succes lol ] but its taking my concentration away apologies. Once again nice reworks Beamish, the third one does it for me

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Thank you all for the kind words.:( I too really like pic 3- it just looks right if you know what I mean.

Kinda spurns me on to look fwd to when she (LUNA) rises well above the house again ;)

Strange how one can recall such nights, I don't think I was even planning on it actually :p

Thanks again


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