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Good Courier?


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To be honest i use couriers for a living and without it costing a fortune none of them will cover glass so you are up a creek without a paddle

if i have to send a scope out i wrap it in large bubble wrap (not the small bubble), box it, then put mdf on the top and bottom of the box. I have never had a problem but then i am a fussy packer

i have even used parcels to go this way without a problem and that's only about £8

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Cheap couriers don't cover glass breakages unfortunately. You might pay extra for insurance only to find that it doesn't cover the type of goods you're shipping.

As to good couriers it all depends on which part of the country. Local depots vary so much that what is the best one in most of the country just may have the worst depot in the country just where you want to send something to.

Good packaging is the most important. Pack it well enough so you think that you could throw it off the roof without damaging it and you should be OK.


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As Steve mentioned, check out Parcel2go.com, I have used them to ship mounts and OTA`s with no problems. They will pick up and deliver and track all the way. I even get a text message to let me know it has been delivered and who signed for it.

Of course, as others have said, most couriers will not insure against glass breakage unless you have a business acount.


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