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Big, Bigger, Biggest.


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Channel 5 Thursday at 8:00pm for 1 hour.


"The successive technological breakthroughs that allowed engineers to build the Large Binocular Telescope in Arizona. It can detect stars more than nine billion light years away."

Should be worth watching.


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Thanks for the heads up Ron. If I am lucky, I might get to see this next year as we are visiting friends in Arizona

That sounds great Bob. I hope you do get to see it mate.

Some bit of kit that is. See if you can borrow it for SGL5:D


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The bit at then end about those little mirrors with the pistons to alter the star wavelenghts to eliminate the atmosphere is going to be fantastic when it happens.

Meant to be x10 clearer images then the hubble, no atmosphere to get in the way. Can see exoplanets and go deeper then hubble can.

Awesome program.

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A lot better than I figured channel 5 for!!!

Love to see Alan Chapman on tv.. leaving aside his academic prowess, the man just makes me smile (not easy)..

Good stuff about general theory and problems in tracking and imaging..

Just those clancky animations to annoy..

The lady (cant remember her name) mirror expert/ scientist had some good demos too.

Great history re. mirror manufacture etc..

enjoyed it...

thanks Ron.

Even some adaptive optics at the end.


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I could listen to Alan Chapman all day long.

He is an enthusiast, and makes everything he talks about so interesting. A nice gentleman.

I enjoyed the programme very much too. The LBT. is going to be a big contributer in the search for Exo planets.


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Thanks so much for that link.

I wish there was some way to record the on demand program.

How long does it stay on their system please?

I would like to show it to my Grand Sons.


check out the five on demand web site, it'll probbaly be there

EDIT : here it is

Demand Five | watch Big, Bigger, Biggest, Series 2 - episode 10, Telescope

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