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EQMOD -Alternatives to gamepad???

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If you minimise both planetarium and EQASCOM (so neither has focus) you should find that EQASCOM will continue to respond to the key presses.
You are correct Chris. Thank you very much.

I wont be able to use the same trick in Maxim ie minimise, because I'll need to see the camera window when I am centring an object. I'll give it a try but if there is a conflict as long as I can find four keys that Maxim does not respond to, I'm laughing.


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The button and pad status of game devices can be read from the system without the need for the application needing to have "focus".

Reading the status of keyboards and numpads is slightly more convoluted, especially if the windows for your application isnt then one with focus at the time.

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Finally had a couple of clear nights ( well a couple of opportunities between clouds) to really use the EQMOD and the wireless num pad.

My mount is about 8mtr from the study....

No problems with EQMOD works as advertised and has dramatically improved my ability to collect spectra. I can even now get an "Off-set" designed into the GOTO to position the spectrum in the centre of the FOV rather than the star. Majic!!

The only issue I'm finding is I keep forgetting to click on the EQMOD pad screen before I head out, then wonder why the controller won't work; come inside and find I've been zooooooming in and oooooout of CdC!!!!

I also find that if there's not a clear line of sight between the laptop wireless module and the num pad it doesn't work:(

Other than that, a great addition to the HEQ/EQ mounts.

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put a bluetooth app on the phone, apparently it supports being used as a "presenter" for Powerpoint stuff. Then get the laptop to turn bluetooth signals into a virtual joystick.

Did you ever manage this or its equivilent?

I've been trying but haven't found a suitable Symbian OS Mobile Application.

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