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Computer control for Vixen GP-DX

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Can someone please advise on best value for money / easy to use computer control kit for a Vixen GP-DX mount which is currently set up to use the DD-1 dual axis controller?

Ideally I would like to be able to track low earth orbit satellites with it.

The mount is holding an Orion GP250 10" f6.3 scope.

Thanks in advance

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You would be best off using a Vixen Skysensor 2000PC this will give you full goto and has a satellite tracking program on board, the later the version the better you will find it 2.06 - 2.10 should be fine.

Also there are several other GOTO's available but I have not used those, but can say the skysensor is really good, the motors are a little noisy but the system works well.

If you want the DB's then Boxdorfer do the best system but you will pay for it

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The Skysensor 2000PC system has not been available to purchase for some time new, however if you place an advert on the Astro forums including the US & Canada then you may be lucky

Good luck with a search they are worth it,, the only things to look at are the Motor covers have a tendency to break and the interface cable which plugs in the handset likes support and a bit of TLC, not to be dragged about to much,, all in all an excellent system.

Best regards


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