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Barlows vs E/P Projection

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I'm on a bit of a tight buget! and want to have a go at webcam imaging with my Celestron C4-R 4" refractor, ok I know it's not the ideal scope for this with only a 1000mm focal length but the optics are superb.

I managed to get myself a Philips SPC900 webcam and adaptor with a uv/ir block filter too.

I am new to this imaging lark and would like to know the best method to go for? a decent 3 - 4x barlow or the eyepiece projection? what are the pros and cons of each? Cheers.

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I doubt I will ever be a "serious" imager - I just wanted to give it a go! Whereas it's true that for planetary imaging, you need high F-numbers or significant barlowing, I went the other way, removed the diagonal, used a "barefoot" extension tube, plus focal reducer, to capture FULL disk lunar / solar images. Somehow appealing to me! :(

I think it's conventionally claimed that eyepiece projection is "harder", but I gave that a go anyway! I sense we Baader Hyperion owners have an advantage - There's a simple screw-on adapter for most things... and to locate a Webcam accurately behind the e.p. :p

TBH, when I'd got it sussed, I found (Hyperion) e.p. projection, rather more flexible. The 24mm e.p. provided about the same image scale as the bare telescope objective. Higher (semi-infinite!) magnification was easily acheived with shorter focal length eyepieces, without fiddling overmuch with "extensions" or "wondering where the focus might be" <G>. Significantly I didn't get the annoying VIGNETTING with e.p. projection?

Maybe misguided, but I think BOTH (and more) methods merit exploration? ;)

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