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Steven Spielberg's 'meteors'


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Don't know whether this is a genuinely 'astro' topic, but here goes!

Was idly (but insomnolently) watching yet another screening of Jaws on the box, late last night, and couldn't help my eyes being drawn to the couple of bright 'meteors' that appear in the background of one of the scenes (they're just after the cabin sing-song scene, at daybreak on the final day). Done a bit of digging, apparently one of the meteors was faked-in, the other was genuine. Is this true?

It seems Spielberg tries to put a 'meteor' into each of his movies, a sort of trademark. Fascinated by them. Can anyone shed more light on this?

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Fired by curiosity, I ran through the DVD and single-framed the relevant scenes.

I now think both meteors, in that film at least, were faked.

The first one (behind Roy Scheider's head, as he gets out his gun) appears to pass in front of the mast. The second, in the long shot of the entire boat, appears to advance forward only every other frame.

Nice try, Mr Spielberg!

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To quote from 'MovieMistakes.com'.....

m.png When the three guys are out on the boat in the dark looking for the shark, a meteor shoots past Roy's right shoulder - this meteor was a real one. In the next few frames another meteor shoots across the top of the frame - this meteor is CG, added in post-production, which is Spielberg's trademark.

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