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50mm Finderscope Lens Cap.


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Just thought I would make people aware of lens caps that are available for their finderscopes,

I very recently bought an 8" Dob and have been going through the process of checking and tweaking things. It is fitted with the standard type 9x50 finderscope and after giving it a good cleaning I decided it would be a good idea to fit a lens cap to it (seemed daft to leave such a good lens permanently open to damage). I first thought about making one, but decided a much better option would be to purchase something intended for the job. Couldn't find anything similiar to EP covers that would work, then I thought about my SLR lens cover and how similiar the lens front is to the finderscope front, well after a bit of measuring, digging and guessing I ordered an item from Ebay.

It arrived today, and it is a perfect fit on the finderscope and really looks the biz, it even comes with its on little cord lanyard which is the perfect length to attach to the spring mounted locating pin.

Total cost for a perfect lens cover ............................£1.99p ;)

Link to the cover I purchased (to fit 9x50 finder)

52mm centre pinch lens cap for nikon D40 D50 filter 52 on eBay (end time 13-Nov-09 08:59:46 GMT)

There would be other covers to fit the smaller sizes I imagine.

I have no association with the above link. I thought it may well be of interest to forum members.


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Thanks for the tip Dave!

I recently bought a 50mm finderscope that didn't have a lens cap so made do for a while with a paper bun case held on with an elastic band - not very elegant eh? Having read your post I gave it a go and found a pinch lens cap with lanyard for 99p on e-bay and with free postage!! It's a good fit and has restored my street cred!

Thanks again for the tip!

Key :)

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