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I'm all registered daz, counting down already ;)

bit of an odd question... is there internet access/wireless at the camping site?

I think it was available at the site office, James will know though. Good phone signal down on our field though.


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Is there no one you could go with Cloud9? Share the driving and all that?

Perhaps the mods could start a thread form travelling so that those near each other could team up? Save on greenhouse gases and congestion!

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I'm in Essex - it's only about 3 hours... Kelling is just as far.

I don't think it's wise for the Mod's here to start organizing car sharing, but there's no reason why members shouldn't offer or request "seats in cars" / "room in tents" maybe in the local meet section.

I'd offer, but most likely I'll only be down there for the one night and I'll be leaving from Peterborough on the Friday evening and returning to Southend on the Saturday afternoon.


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Keith (old codger) I cannot reply to your message it states that you don't receive them.

Anyway I was aware that Lucksall was doing building work over the winter period but I was not aware that they were building a new toilet block. I will go over to the site over next week and check it out.

I will also check out the number of river side plots that have electricity for caravans.

Is this ok with the SGL5 organising team?


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For those of you who are planning to attend, I'm one of the "volunteers" who are organising SGL5. There will be a registration and payment mechanism in place very soon - being finalised at the moment.

The star party will be held on Lucksall's rally field and we have negotiated a discounted rate for members. If you want a pitch on the rally field, please do not try to book directly because Lucksall will not take individual bookings, it must be done through SGL. However, if like Keith, you want a pitch that is NOT on the rally field, then you must book directly with Lucksall.

Now, to answer Keith's specific questions .....

There is a new toilet block being installed. The pad is in position and the plumbing in place - they are expecting the building to be delivered (seriously - it comes in two bits and bolts together) and installed by the end of February. It will be sited in the bottom corner of the rally field near to the "cut through" that we used at SGL4 to get to the old toilet block.

The riverside plots are numbered 1 to 28. I don't know for sure but I think all of them have electricity. However, only plots 23, 25, 27, 28a and 28b are hard-standing pitches. None of them are particularly close to a toilet block - the bigger the number, the closer the pitch is to the rally field. I'd go for 28a or 28b Keith. (If you are not that bothered about the riverside, there are now some hard-standing pitches on the rally field).



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