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Second impact may have finished off the dinosaurs

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I spotted a small story in yesterdays paper about a possible impact off India roughly 65 million years ago.

I found this after a quick news search I found this story.Very interesting story. If confirmed it will make the Chicxulub impact seem puny by comparison.

A search for 'Shiva crater' brings up a fair few stories.


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Good link. Thanks for that one. I read a book on extinctions in which the Deccan Traps played a great role in persuading the author that vulcanism rather than impact was the primary cause of the extinction.

I must say that it crossed my mind, last Sunday, to wonder what an incoming asteroid would look like as I stared in amazement at a six degree-ish patch of bright nebulosity newly apparent in the south.

(It turned out to be the famous rocket fuel dump but the mind works fast...)


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